David Versus Goliath Down In Texas_Anti-SLAPP Statutes And The Battle For FREE SPEECH RIGHTS in the Lone Star State


I’ve been contacted by the Monitronics¬†Attorney and told to “Remove All YouTube Videos” and to “Refrain from Posting anything online about the Company”. I was given a deadline of this past Friday. I have taken down my YouTube videos but I am angry. I have posted THIS video on my YouTube page and I know the Company’s Attorney will see it and I guess he will file a lawsuit for “defamation” against me. I have not defamed anyone but I guess that is what he will do. The company is Monitronics located in Farmers Branch, TX. They are a Massive Corporation and they operate in most if not all U.S. States.

I am afraid. However, I was disturbed by the “Take Them ALL Down” and “Refrain From Posting Anything About Us Online”. I thought that was too sweeping and it went ‘too far’. I now need an Attorney. My other videos will stay down until I can get them viewed by an attorney. However, I think this is WRONG. I took the Attorney’s words as a Veiled Threat Against me.

A little about my story. I have to be careful with these statements. For the reasons I’ve just stated. I was employed by Monitronics. It is my belief I encountered a terrible case of Workplace Bullying. I was nervous to report this because in Texas it is so easy to terminate employees here (it can be done without a reason) due to the hostile Right to Work laws. I first reported it to the trainer. It occurred the next day. I then sent an email to Monitronics HR. I initiated the meeting with Monitronics HR. I had never been in any kind of trouble and was a quiet employee. I was told I could have a “change of seating”. Then a few hours later I found myself terminated. I was told “I” was the distraction. Right Before Thanksgiving. A month before Christmas.

I made the first video speaking on Workplace bullying. I then called to see when I could come and pick up my check. I didn’t hear back from HR. So I then sent an email on Friday telling HR I was on my way to get my paycheck. On the way there I received a text message from a policeman telling me to call him. He said that if I showed I would be arrested. He also said the company had taken issue with my video. I found it strange that the company refused to tell me I could not come on the work site premises. They had my email and phone. The officer was being kind by notifying me. He sounded like a great guy.

I then posted a video about this situation and I was sent a letter by courier mail (a cease and desist) letter by the attorney. I called the attorney and he told me I was posting “False information” online and to remove everything. I asked him what statements were “False”. He would not say. He simply said you must remove all videos and refrain from posting anything else about the company. He gave me until Friday. (The Friday after Thanksgiving).

I took my videos down but felt bullied. I felt it wasn’t right. Since when can someone demand a person remove criticism just because they don’t like it? I thought we all had freedom of speech. I also felt that I was a target because I was recently terminated from a relatively low wage job ($14 ¬†an hour) and the company felt they could come after me very easily. They have plenty of online complaints. Why did they choose me to pursue a legal threat? against?

I need an Attorney. I need the message spread. Once the Attorney sees my video I will more than Likely face litigation. To crush me into Silence. I need someone to review this video and let me know if it is defamatory. Also, please share the video. Please. I need someone in the legal field to offer to help me. I also need a journalist to offer to carry my story.